If this isn’t the perfect plot for a Broadway stage musical, what is?

Of course, there will be some minor changes to the plot.  Instead of becoming a wrestler, Hercules will star in a cheesy low budget sci-fi movie about giant bugs from outer space, called The Ex-terminator, which becomes a huge hit and turns him into an overnight star.  His friend Pretzy won’t sell pretzels, but instead will be a nerdy computer genius who everyone calls Micro.  He invents the home computer and becomes the world richest man.  Instead of just hanging out with the guys in New York, Hercules will meet the very beautiful daughter of a prominent political family, an the two will fall in love.  Hercules will become the biggest movie star in the world, and sing about his good luck in his signature song from the show, “There’s a place way up on the top for me.”  After all, Hercules does come from a royal family himself, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t have grand ambitions.

He retires from movies,  announces his intention to go into politics and in no time becomes Governor of New York.  Only when he aims for the Presidency of the United States does Zeus, his father, intervene.  Hubris gets Zeus mad every time, and he demands that Hercules return to Olympus, or lose his earthly family.  Hercules relents, because he loves his wife and children, and goes back with them to Olympus, where Zeus puts him in “temporary” charge of things, while Zeus, disguised as a rabbi, flies down to New York for some long-deserved time off.  He lands right in the middle of a Jewish wedding, and ends the show with the big dance number called “Kick Up Your Heels.”  More then 15 songs, and a high-stepping cast add up to a fun-for-all evening in the theater.

*Arnold  Schwarzenegger is not associated with this production, but we hope he will be in the audience opening night to sing along..*

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