Flight 333 from Los Angeles to London is getting ready for its final flight check. The last few passengers file onto the plane, and the door is locked, with an ominously loud sound. The ground crew is loading the last of the luggage, including one crate marked “fragile.” Instead of hand-carrying it, they place it on the conveyor belt, from which it falls into the cargo hold. A strange mist comes out of the box, and temporarily forms a human figure, but one from ancient Egypt. It then dissipates and seems to float up into the cabin via the air intake system. Seated in First Class is an elderly gentleman who’s clearly a scholar, reading hieroglyphics from Egypt, and making notes. He translates the name “Bast.” Bast is the goddess of evil sendings according to ancient lore. The vase is part of a collection that is being returned to the British museum, looted in the early 1900s by British archeologists, but recently stolen and retrieved by the FBI. Seated in the rear of first class, is FBI agent, Frank Culpepper, with his wife, Elena. He’s assigned to make certain the stolen vase is returned to the British museum. Then the couple are planning to fly on to Egypt, where’s Elena’s family is from originally. The plane taxies down the runway, and finally takes off, but the pilot is blinded by a reflection off the wing for just an instant, and the plan takes a deep dive. The bumpy ride has just begun. The pilot complains to the co-pilot that he’s got a terrible headache all of a sudden, and tells him to turn back to the airport. As the co-pilot tries to make the turn, the controls will not respond. The plane will only fly in one direction, East, on a heading to Cairo. Air traffic control cannot be reached. The radio is dead, and no communication is possible with the outside world. Something has taken control of the plane, and it has no plans of letting go.

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