The Great Host Mall is filled with shoppers looking for Black Friday bargains at all the stores. A security guard named Sam Simmons is summarily fired by his boss when he shows up drunk for a shift, and goes postal, taking out his pistol and killing his boss. He then enters mall shooting randomly at shoppers on all levels of the mall. He goes particularly crazy when he sees the teen age children of his boss with their friends in the food court, and fires at them. Bullets rain down all over the mall until dozens are down. Finally, police arrive with a SWAT team, and take out Simmons. The mall is cleared so that the grisly work of identifying the dead and cleaning up can take place. After the mall re-opens a week later, shoppers avoid the place entirely, and after a few more weeks, tenants close their doors and the mall is boarded up. It never opens for business again, and despite attempts by the property owners to tear down the mall, something always “interferes.”

It is now the 10th anniversary of the massacre, and two cars full our out of town college students drive up to the mall entrance, and they do not see a decrepit, falling down building, but a sparkling new one, with a welcome sign. They decide to go in for a bite in the food court, having no way of knowing that it will be them who bitten. All those who were killed, and many who “joined them” later, welcome the students to the mall, and never intend to let them leave…..alive. The old ad “shop ‘til you drop” appears on the welcome sign whose letters re-arrange themselves to read, GHost Mall. One by one the students who succumb to accidents will join the dead, and try to get their friends to join them, too, until only two students are left. It is up to them to defeat Simmons, and to send him where he belongs and to release all the trapped souls to their final destination. Simmons will try every deception in the book, including posing as each of the two remaining students and pushing them into a dangerous situation that will result in their deaths. In the end, the two students will set the mall on fire, and as it is consumed in flames, all the dead souls ascend upward and Simmons is pulled downward to hell, his hand grasping at the surface for one last time, like a drowning person, only to slip below and never be seen again…or maybe not?!

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